How to download Instagram stories

How to download Instagram stories, videos, and photos.

how to download instagram Stories

How to download Instagram stories

Key Points

The given process works on smartphones as well as computers.

Processes are given step by step and are totally free.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Instagram has 1 billion monthly users, now the fastest growing social network. Where people share photos, videos, and Instagram stories.

Many of the stories, videos, and photos are beautiful, stunning, and humorous as well. So many of us wanted to collect photos, videos, or Instagram stories for later use.

But Instagram doesn’t allow you to download and save stories, videos, and photos posted by other Instagrammers. But since we are here to help you we found out various ways to download Instagram stories, videos, and photos all this that too for free.

In this article, we will tell you exactly how to download and save Instagram stories, photos, and videos for free.

how to download instagram Stories

But remember one thing you can not download Instagram stories, videos, and photos from the private Instagram account. Even if u found the way to download from the private account we suggest you not try to do that because the account is private for a reason. So let’s get started.

For more information on Instagram private account policy visit to Instagram Privacy setting and Information page.

[How to download Instagram stories]

This method only covers how to download Instagram stories for videos and photos refer to another process give under this process.

  1. Open on your phone or computer, enter the Instagram username of the profile from where you want to download the stories from, and hit enter.
  2. You’ll now see a list of active stories right below the search bar. Additionally, you can also scroll down if you wish to download past stories saved as Highlights.
  3. Now, click Stories > scroll down and select the photo or video you wish to download > Download.
  4. That’s it, once your download is finished, your file will automatically be saved on your device.

[How to download Instagram videos, photos]

This method only lets you download Instagram videos and photos from public accounts. Now, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram on your smartphone or computer and choose a photo or video that you wish to download. Now tap the three-dots icon which is on the top-right of the post > tap Copy Link.
  2. Next, open any browser on your phone or computer and open
  3. Once the website is loaded, paste the link you just copied from Instagram in the search bar and hit Download.
  4. Download image/ video button will now appear right below the Download button. Hit it to save the file on your phone or computer.
  5. Alternatively, you can also visit or, as the process on both of these websites is similar.

By above given step by step process, you can now able to download Instagram stories, videos, and photos. But make sure you are not breaking Instagram private account policy.

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